The secret of

Fabullous spirits:

Get a gin, Choose,

design... and let’s drink!


Your exclusive (gin) label with your own flavour and branding.


Since 2016, we have marketed over 20 gin labels, including the Buffel Gin and the Blossoming Gin. Branded spirits are also smart marketing tools. This all takes place in the buildings of the former Stokerij Claes gin distillery and bistro De Stokerij near the old Herkenrodebossen in Hasselt.


We make Fabullous spirits to measure and with your own flavourings (gin, vodka, limoncello, rum...). Ideal for brand building, marketing and B2C business.

But also suitable for business gifts, hospitality or wholesale.


Fabullous LABELS

Buffel Gin Classic

Buffel Gin Black & Gold

5th Avenue Gin

Blossoming Gin

Kampweg Gin


Haentje de Voorste GIn

Hoegaarden Gin

Itzu Gin

JC Gin


Latexco Gin

Nano Gin

Brasserie De Post

Hessels Bleuke

El Systems Gin

Vanderborght Gin

The Blue Gin


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